This is the home page, in English, of the Guide to sources for the history of Holland and the Dutch in Brazil, a multi-institutional collaborative project, which is carried out based on the ICA-AtoM software. The project’s collaborative feature transcends the Brazilian origin of the holders that presented here their relevant collections. It is also one of the activities that the Brazilian archives are developing in the context of the Mutual Cultural Heritage Programme, which comprises besides the Netherlands and Brazil, South Africa, Belgium, United States (New York State), Ghana, India, Indonesia, Russia, Sri Lanka and Suriname, all united in different ways, by sharing with the Netherlands, a history and common cultural traits.

This guide, more than just providing information on the fonds or collections in Brazil related to the subject, also promotes the use of ICA-AtoM, an open source, free and easy to use software. This application allows holders to publish their archival holdings online, to disseminate descriptive standards, data exchange formats and recognized international good practices.

The Guide to sources for the history of Holland and the Dutch team in Brazil has as basic organizational team composed by Cristina Ruth Santos, Silvia Ninita Estevão de Moura and Vitor Manoel Marques da Fonseca, from the National Archives (Brazil).

ICA-AtoM is a fully web based archival description application that is based on International Council on Archives (ICA) standards. AtoM is an acronymn for Access to Memory.

The ICA and its project collaborators are making this application available as open source software to provide archival institutions with a free and easy to use option for putting their archival collections online. See the about page to learn more about the ICA-AtoM project.
See the online documentation to learn more about using the software or press the browse button on the right to view some sample data.